The history of KONAR Industrial Group started from the establishment of KONAR in Chelyabinsk which produces fasteners and pipeline components.

KONAR Joint-Stock Company (KONAR Closed Joint-Stock Company until 2016) was established on October 29, 1991 and is currently a flagship company of the Group.

Over the years of formation and development, KONAR grew to the Industrial Group with broad competences in the oil and gas mechanical engineering sector, production of complex metal structures and integrated engineering. A number of joint ventures with Russian and foreign partners were established with the participation of KONAR.

Companies of KONAR Industrial Group participate in the federal import substitution program and advanced technology transfer. They produce products for oil and gas production, transportation, processing projects, including products for LNG projects, as well as for the shipbuilding and power engineering sectors, industrial and civil construction.

Main production facility of KONAR Industrial Group is Stankomash Industrial Park in Chelyabinsk. Production facilities are also located in Chelyabinsk and Volgograd regions, official representative offices – Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara and Perm.

KONAR is a member of Association of Italian Industrialists in Russia, Confindustria Russia, within the framework of the Russian-Italian Civil Society Dialogue Forum.


FOUNDRY & FORGING DIVISION (blanc production):

  • BVK LLC – a joint venture of KONAR and Gruppo Cividale (Italy), a steel-casting foundry for production of complex body components weighting up to 30 tons. Location – Chelyabinsk, Russia.
  • Modern Forging Technologies LLC – a high-tech company for reforging of cast ingots weighting up to 30 tons. Location – Chelyabinsk, Russia.


  • KONAR JSC  — production of complex components and assemblies for the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding and power engineering. It consists of: machine assembly workshop with the largest machine park (Waldrich Coburg Taurus multifunctional machining center, Pama, Trevisan, Tacchi machines and others), heat treatment workshop, Hatebur hot formers workshop. Location – Chelyabinsk, Russia.
  • Kornet LLC — production of oil and gas equipment with a complete technological cycle of production of shut-off valves, control valves, X-mas trees and equipment for wellhead connection. Main production site is a nickel-plating line with the use of silicon carbide nanoparticles according to Kanigen (Japan) technology. Location – Chelyabinsk, Russia.
  • Konar Breda Oil & Gas Technology Products LLC – a joint venture of KONAR and Breda Energia S.p.A. (Italy) for production of pipeline valves. Location – Chelyabinsk, Russia.
  • Termomeccanica RUS LLC – a joint venture of KONAR and Termomeccanica Pompe S.p.A. (Italy) for production of hydraulic pumps. Location – Chelyabinsk, Russia.


  • JVK-Cimolai LLC  — a joint venture of KONAR and Cimolai S.p.A. (Italy) for design and production of complex large-sized metal structures. Location – Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Joint ventures with the participation of Transneft PJSC and KONAR JSC:

  • Transneft Oil Pumps JSC — a complete cycle of production of pumping units. It is a joint venture among Transneft PJSC, Termomeccanica Pompe S.p.A. (Italy) and KONAR JSC. Location — Chelyabinsk, Russia.
  • Russian Electric Motors JSC  — production of electric motors for the oil industry (up to 45 MW). It is a joint venture between Transneft PJSC and KONAR JSC with the technological support of Nidec ASI S.p.A. (Italy, Japan). Location — Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Maintenance and infrastructure:

  • Industrial Park Stankomash LLC — a management company that provides a range of services, territory and infrastructure for the companies. The Industrial Park has 8 residents, a complete cycle of machine-building production was arranged. Each of the companies performs the transfer of the best European technologies and is a successful example of the localization of production with the elimination of import dependence and reduction of the technological gap. Location — Chelyabinsk, Russia.
  • VEBB LLC — a construction and installation company.
  • Energotekhservis LLC provides services for the electric power transmission.
  • Energy Service Company LLC — electric power transmission and technological connection to distribution systems.

Representative offices:

  • KONAR SPB LLC — KONAR representative office in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Official representative certificate.
Official representative certificate.
Official representative certificate.

KONAR mission:

Positioning the quality of products and services as a path to success, constantly developing and improving, we contribute to the development of the Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia and the CIS states. This is achieved through assistance to design, construction, supply, valve organizations and companies in the construction of pipelines, associated facilities and systems based on the application of the best engineering achievements in the world.

KONAR has all necessary certificates and licenses for its production activity.