Implemented projects

Main oil line supports Zapolarye-Purpe of Transneft company, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

A unique technological solution for supports with vertical thermal stabilizators was designed for the aboveground section of the pipeline Zapolarye-Purpe that allows to freeze the ground and preserve its stability during warm seasons. R&D on the technology of ground thermal stabilization was conducted. The support structures are tested, the procedure of erection under natural construction conditions has been worked through. 19 428 supports were produced in 1.5 years of project implementation.
V.V.Bondarenko, General Director of KONAR JSC, being a part of the group of managers and engineers, was awarded with the national award of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and engineering for 2014 for design of a new generation of construction technologies and structures, their industrial application and implementation at the sites of the mail pipeline transportation under heavy geoclimatic conditions of Russia.

Arctic LNG project, Large-capacity offshore facilities construction center (Kola shipyard) of NOVATEK company, Murmansk region

In 1.5 years KONAR designed project and operating documentation, produced and supplied metal structures for a total weight over 100000 tons for the top facilities of the Large-capacity offshore facilities construction center within Arctic LNG project.
NOVATEK company acted as a customer.
The large-capacity offshore facilities construction center is intended for manufacturing of offshore facilities for production, storage and shipping of liquefied natural gas and stabilized gas condensate on the gravity base structures.
Manufacturing of metal structures for the project is carried out at the site JVK-Cimolai and other facilities. Erection was performed with the help of the unique method of lifting of roofing by rope jacks designed in conjunction with the company Euro Engineering S.p.A.

Volgograd Arena stadium for 2018 World Cup, Volgograd

JVK-Cimolai participated in construction of Volgograd Arena – the most beautiful stadium built for 2018 World Cup. Project initiator – The Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation, the general contractor – Stroytransgas JSC.
The scope of works of JVK-Cimolai: design of 3D-model, KMD drawings, manufacturing, delivery and erection of metal structures in the amount of over 8 500 tons.

Coolaboration with KINEF enterprise

KONAR Industrial group is one of the partners of Kirishinefteorgsintez LLC (part of the system Surgutneftegas PJSC) for more than 10 years. The companies implemented a set of ambitious projects by joint efforts.
In 2008-2012 KONAR shipped over 280 000 items of core products and products according to the drawings for construction of new stages of KINEF plant.
In 2013 KINEF accomplished construction of the complex of advanced oil processing on the basis of vacuum gasoil hydrocracking – project of advanced oil processing plant. KONAR acted as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of pipeline valves, filtering equipment as well as pipeline parts and components for this project.
In 2017 KINEF put into operation the complex for production of high-octane components of gasolines LK-2B. In addition to production of standard product range for this facility, KONAR Industrial group implemented the project of import substitution pf unique equipment – the system of sampling of UOP company (the USA).
Since 2019 KONAR has been implementing a new important stage of technical cooperation – equipment servicing.

Construction of ESPO pipeline system of Transneft company, Irkutsk region

KONAR Industrial group participated in the grand project of Transneft PJSC for construction of the pipeline system “Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean”. ESPO is intended for oil transportation from oil fields in the Western and Eastern Siberia to the refineries of Russian and for export to the countries of Asia and Pacific region.
Within short timeframes KONAR manufactured and supplied over 300 items of unique equipment to ESPO sites, among them 69 pumping units. The equipment is covered by the unprecedented warranty terms – 5 years.

Special crossing of power lines across the Angara river, Krasnoyarsk region

The transition of the overhead line across the Angara has become a unique object of the main oil pipeline Kuyumba – Tayshet in Kransoyarsk region, which was implemented by the affiliate of Transneft PJSC – PMO ESPO . The main difficulty was the distance between the supports on the opposite banks – the distance was 3 085 m, and the difference of heights between the Angara banks in the transition area was 240 m.
Supports for power lines were manufactured and supplied by the facilities of KONAR Industrial group. The transition supports are 125 meters and weigh over 250 tons.

Business complex Lakhta center – the tallest building in Europe, St.Petersburg

Metal structures made by JVK-Cimolai were used for building of the tallest skyscraper in Russia and Europe – Lakhta center.
The company performed engineering of KMD for columns, manufacturing and supply of metal structures in the amount of 25 000 tons. Preliminary assembling was done in the workshop in Chelyabinsk.
Gazprom PJSC acted as a project initiator and investor.
Lakhta center has 86 floors, its height is 462 m.

Yamal LNG project of NOVATEK company, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Since 2018 the companies that are the members of KONAR Industrial group have been supplying high-pressure equipment for arrangement of gas field of Yamal LNG project as well as metal structures with special requirements. The integrated project for production, liquefaction and supplies of natural gas was created by NOVATEK company.
KONAR and NOVATEK concluded a contract regarding strategic partnership for localization of production of equipment for gas liquefaction complexes on the offshore platforms in Russia.

Stadium for 2018 World Cup, Nizhniy Novgorod

JVK-Cimolai participated in construction of the stadium Nizhniy Novgorod built for 2018 World Cup. The Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation was the project initiator.
Scope of work of JVK-Cimolai: manufacturing and supply of metal structures in the amount over 10 000 tons.

Footbridge between Bovid business-hall and Vidgof hotel, Chelyabinsk

The specialists of JVK-Cimolai created a unique architectural project – the footbridge between the high-rise buildings by means of design, manufacturing and installation of metal structures, conditioning systems, heating and lighting.
The object is located at the height of 14 m, its length is 78 m, its shape resembles a transparent cylinder. The bridge has its unusual shape due to octangles formed by bearing rings and located towards each other for 22,5°.

Project for production of castings for power machinery construction, Chelyabinsk

BVK foundry, which is a part of KONAR Industrial group, produces castings of high-pressure cylinders for a steam turbine according to the order of Ural turbine plant. The project for localization of a casting is being implemented within the state program of modernization of thermal power plants in the Russian Federation.
The technology of production of molds from cold-hardening mixtures allows to produce complex large steel castings from 300 kg to 30 tons.