The division includes the foundry BVK and the facility under construction “Modern Forging Technologies” (MFT), which are located in Stankomash Industrial Park in Chelyabinsk, and “Kuznitsa” LLC (Kamyshin, Volgograd region).

In 2020 KONAR will launch the project “Modern Forging Technologies” together with Italian companies Gruppo CIVIDALE and VECCHIATO officine meccaniche S.r.l.. Production of shaft forgings for pumps, electric motors, generators, turbines and production of machined large forgings made of special steels for oil and gas industries is planned within this project. The technology will allow for reforging of steel ingots into forgings up to 8 m and 25 tons with the highest mechanical properties of a surface.

In such a way three companies of KONAR Industrial Group will be unified into the production chain. Melting operating periods and pouring of ingots at BVK will be adjusted according to demands, operational mode of the press and heat treatment equipment at MFT in order to increase forging production capacity due to delivery of ingots in a hot condition. “Kuznitsa”, for its part, will be a user of MFT products because it has constant need in die tooling and spare parts for hammers.

Danila Pykhov, wo is also the Director of BVK and MFT, was appointed as the Head of foundry and forging division.

– Creation of the division is a logical result of lasting development, – Danila Pykhov said.  – In general, basic principles of production planning, elaboration and putting into production of new products, forming of relations with customers are similar for all three facilities. Creation of the division is necessary for synchronization of these processes according to the strategy and interests of the proprietor as well as for control of corporate actions. Certainly, all measures for development and pursuit of activities will consider peculiarities of each facility.

– From the point of view of internal cooperation when we work as a unified foundry and forging division, we will be able to offer complex supply of metallurgical raw material to any industry branch: casting, press forging and stamping – Danila Pykhov pointed out. – Areas of intercrossing of markets where the facilities already work will become points of growth for other facilities of the division and KONAR Group in general. The best practices of each facility will be spread on the whole division.

The nearest plans for unification are created according to the plans of each facility and the general development line of KONAR Industrial Group.