In September 2020 steel casting products of the first qualification order passed the technical acceptance including pattern equipment. An order was completed in the frame of cooperation agreement signed by BVK and Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies in May 2019.

Four castings were manufactured for gas turbine SGT5-2000E: upper and bottom half of turbine bearing housing and vane carriers. Castings are fabricated regarding to the high standards of Siemens Energy for geometric accuracy, non-presence of defects and surfaces quality.

Successful completing of the order is important step in the multistage qualification process for supplier of Siemens Energy. BVK got a right to supply castings for global orders of Siemens Energy and after successful completing of two more orders the company will be included in the list of approved suppliers having a right to supply without necessary to perform 100% acceptance inspection by Siemens Energy.

In order to verify the qualification of BVK as the supplier for steel castings of gas turbine parts extensive and long-term work have been performed at the facility.

— We visited factory of SGTT in Saint Petersburg, purchased additional equipment for ultrasonic inspection and manufactured prototypes for adjustment of this equipment. During the process of qualification previously certified as per ISO 9712 Quality Assurance personnel could put its into practice knowledge of international standards requirements, — explained Pavel Kashin, Chief of Quality Assurance of BVK LLC.

For the purpose of castings manufacturing at BVK new grades of steel were put into production, melting technologies and ladle refining were implemented. In order to provide required mechanical properties there were different modes of heat treatment piloted.

Acceptance of castings was double-staged.

At the first stage the final certificates were approved, at the second stage actual acceptance of finished products was performed at the site of BVK including inspection of all dimensions and non-destructive inspection.

— Implementation of castings for such important sector as energy in particular production of gas turbine parts as per the hardest standards – the significant achievement and great tribute of our collective. Successful completing of this order provides us for the references on the world level both in the frame of energy engineering industry and recognition in casting industry community generally, — highlighted Danila Pykhov, Director of BVK LLC.

Sergey Kostennikov, Technical Head of “Localization” Project of SGTT LLC noticed: «We are delighted that BVK has successfully completed the first qualification order in accordance with the stringent requirements of Siemens Energy. Localization of gas turbine production is a priority task for Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies. At the same time, our company guarantees the compliance of the turbine produced in Russia with the Siemens Energy quality standards. Therefore, it is very important for us to have reliable partners in Russia».


BVK LLC – Steel-Casting Foundry 

Founded in 2013 by KONAR JSC in cooperation with Italian company Cividale S.p.A., the resident of Stankomash Industrial Park, Chelyabinsk.

One of the most modern production facilities in the Russian Federation and Europe. The technology used for the manufacture of casting molds from cold-hardening mixtures provides to obtain complex large-sized castings weighing from 300 kg to 30 tons made of carbon and low-carbon steel grades, as well as high-alloy, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and heat-resistant steel grades.

BVK LLC manufactures products for market of pipeline valves, oil and gas, energy and nuclear industry and for marine industry also. 

Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies LLC (SGTT)

Modern facility Siemens AG (65%) and Siloviye Mashiny PJSC (35%) was founded in December 2011 in Saint Petersburg.  

Scope of activity – production and maintenance of gas turbines with a capacity more than 60 MW for Russia and CIS.

The company is engaged in the development, production, sale and service of high capacity gas turbines. The priority task is the complete localization of production in the Russian Federation.