KONAR accepts lyceum students within the Week of High Technologies

Pupils and teachers of Lyceum No. 11 in Chelyabinsk visit high-tech industries.

These days Russia is hosting the Week of High Technologies and Techno-Entrepreneurship “Seven Days Together with the Future”. Schoolchildren, students and teachers become acquainted with the leading enterprises of Russia and get immersed in the world of technologies that determine the future.

KONAR cooperates with Lyceum No. 11 and gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge that lack in the daily educational process. During the week children from different classes, accompanied by teachers will visit real high-tech industries located in Stankomash Industrial Park. KONAR has developed tours for students, during which children are shown production in an accessible and exciting way, explained the principles of work, talked about mechanical engineering in Russia

– Acquaintance with the enterprises of KONAR Industrial Group will provide an opportunity to join the discoveries of modern science, achievements of the technology industry, Russian developments in industry, mechanical engineering as well as to communicate with people who are passionate about their work, – said Elena Serebryakova, HR Director of KONAR JSC. – Partnership with educational institutions is very important for us, we are implementing a number of joint projects with universities and technical schools of Chelyabinsk. Talented graduates always find a place for themselves at the enterprises of KONAR Industrial Group, we have all conditions for work and there are career prospects.

The visit of the lyceum students begins with a film about KONAR Industrial Group and a safety briefing during a workshop tour. They also visit Stankomash History Museum, where the head of the museum, Nadezhda Tarasenko, prepared a very interesting exposition for them.

Dmitry Leontiev, Chief Process Engineer of KONAR JSC, conducts a tour in the mechanical assembly shop, showing the production and telling how the work is arranged.

– Our courses are engineering technology and quality management – notes Dmitry Leontiev. – Visiting a real production is important so that children understand what types of activities exist, what implies this or that job. We are ready to accept young people right after university. It is often easier to teach from scratch than to retrain. The main thing is that a person has potential. That is why we work with young people.

In the Scientific and Research Center of KONAR the participants of the project «Seven days together with the future» are met by Executive Director of RDC-Konar LLC Dmitry Polukhin.

– RDC is a place of concentration of scientific, experimental design, engineering and research competencies of KONAR Industrial Group, – Dmitry Polukhin notes. – Our employees are involved into complex high-tech projects and solve innovative technical problems. A good specialist should be prepared from the school bench. In grades 8-9, a person needs at least to decide whether he is a policeman or an engineer. There are people who succumb to trends, get a fashionable education, and then are forced to master areas of interest to them from scratch. Therefore, those children who already at school begin to delve into the essence of the profession will receive tangible benefits in the future. When visiting the RDC laboratory, everyone watches our experiments with enthusiasm, touches the samples, and that is right. The main advantage of young people is curiosity.

– I’m seriously interested in technology, – shared a student of 10T class of Lyceum No. 11 Maxim Ruzakov. – It is really interesting to see KONAR enterprises, I think the tour can even help you decide on the choice of profession. For myself, I consider the engineering direction, but, perhaps, something related to metallurgy. Production does not scare me, because I imagine that engineers here work on computers, in special programs. The factory is not what it used to be. Everything here is clean, bright, you can work with pleasure.

In the future, KONAR plans to continue interacting with educational institutions. After the end of the Technology Week, tours in Stankomash Industrial Park will continue. Children will be able to get acquainted with the world of technology and innovation in order to start planning their future. Perhaps some of them will get carried away and connect their lives with industry and engineering