The vaccination campaign goes ahead at the facilities of the Industrial Group. Anyone can vaccinate Russian Sputnik V vaccine for free.

Let us note that the decision on vaccination is made by the employees only on voluntary basis. You can also assess your health before vaccination by consulting a trusted physician of KONAR.

For vaccination purposes, specialists from polyclinics of Chelyabinsk are invited to the first-aid posts of Stankomash Industrial Park, where the facilities of KONAR group are located. The vaccine itself is delivered and stored in compliance with all conditions. Before vaccination, physicians perform a mandatory examination. More than 50 employees are vaccinated every day during the campaign.

– I have a positive attitude to vaccination, I replied to the proposal to be vaccinated immediately. Vaccination has been a proven way to fight disease for a long time. Even with a high level of development of medicine, it remains almost the only opportunity to decrease pandemic, protect yourself and relatives, and secure your circle of communication. The attitude towards coronavirus, which began with panic last spring, has already changed a lot. But the disease continues to develop and find new victims. I am sure that the level of threat to us and the country as a whole can be decreased only with the help of mass vaccination. Moreover, in the presence of an effective and accessible vaccine of Russian production, recognized at the world level, for KONAR employees, it is not logical to not take advantage of this opportunity – at least it is not logical. I consider the decision on free vaccination to be an indicator of responsibility towards my relatives and colleagues, — notices Igor Monin, Director for Production of Kornet LLC.