There are 64 workers of KONAR JSC jointed a training course – manual operators and setup operators of numerically-controlled machines. Training process is performed according to all sanitary-epidemiological requirements.

In June 2020 the training of company’s workers has been started in the Professional Competencies Development Center (PCDC) of KONAR JSC. As lecturer has engaged Yuriy Padyukov, Head of Specialty “Metalworking Production Technologies” in SUSTech College and Egor Nesteryuk, research scientist of SUSU.

– Modern production makes high demands on the personnel and training system for them, — said Elena Sokolova, Head of Professional Qualification Development Department of KONAR JSC. – Working rhythm is changing, technical facilities are upgrading, demands are becoming higher. All this creates a necessity of high quality trainings and professional development of workers.

– At early stage the training persons passed an introductive computer-based testing to measure their knowledge, — said Egor Nesteryuk, lecturer of the training course. This testing helped to correctly create and adapt the training program for the specialists having different professional level.

In the process of training it is planned to learn the material in the field of engineering graphics, materiology, metrology and ISO 7 bit programming. We practice software used for CNC production equipment (Fanuc 21, Fanuc 31, Sinimerik840D, SinuTrain 5.1). Training room is equipped with personal computers, it helps each training person to practice the performing of conceptual and practical tasks, master necessary professional skills. Training program includes not only knowledge required for work, but also the information on new trends which are current in the world community.

– New technologies are developing quickly, lot of traditional working principles are changing and therefore it is necessary to keep up-to-date permanently in the scientific-technological progress and to be able to put new developments into practice, — mentioned Kirill Bulla, CNC machine 5 grade manual operator — participant of the training course. – Our management has directed me to the course, so I am glad to complete this training right at work. At workshop usually I work in the turning mode, now I have an opportunity to complete the milling mode – it will expand my competencies. I like that I learn a lot of new information, not only theoretically but also master and improve practical skills.

In the end of course training workers will pass a qualifying examination and a complex test. The results will indicate a level of learnt information, a capability to complete practical tasks with different level and readiness for the professional work. As per the results of examination and test, the qualification and grade will be awarded, and professional certificates will be issued.

Professional development of workers is one of the prior directions in KONAR industrial group. Knowledge received by workers will help to level up the productive capacity, drop the level of manufacturing defects, increase competitive ability of workers and the whole company.

KONAR arranged training of manual operators and setup operators