In the conditions of an adverse epidemiological situation, the enterprises of KONAR Industrial Group continue to fulfill contractual obligations in front of their customers.

The production process is ongoing continuously. KONAR is an executor of large federal orders which timely delivery impacts safety of the population and national strategic pillars.

The enterprises of KONAR Group ensure release of engineering products for continuous transportation of the oil and oil products. Through the order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the enterprises of KONAR Group are involved in the manufacture of steel structures for construction of one of the multifunctional medical centers intended for billeting of diseased in the event of mass spread of the coronavirus in the regions (Photo shows the shipment process of the steel structures for MFMC in Khabarovsk).

KONAR releases products for implementation of the NOVATEK project for construction of the Offshore Superfacility Construction Yard «Kola Shipyard» in Murmansk. KONAR is also the only Russian manufacturer of main components of the electric propellers as per order of Sapphire and ABB companies to be applied on LNG-carriers mastering the Northern Sea Route. The development of LNG industry will ensure annual growth of GDP of the Russian Federation for 1,5% during 10 years.

By virtue of KONAR competences broadening, Chelyabinsk becomes a key center in Russia for production of shipbuilding equipment, including equipment for localization of the unique propulsion system Azipod that ensures reliability and ice-breaking capability.

Stankomash Industrial Park – the location of all KONAR company production capabilities meets all required employees conditions for infection preventive measures. Each workshop and building is equipped with antiseptic stations for hands, portable devices are used for measurement of body temperature of everyone entering.

Employees are equipped with protective masks and personal sanitizers with antiseptic, all surfaces are regularly treated with disinfecting agents.

Medical service operates in high-alert mode, internal «hot line» is available, informative leaflets about coronavirus prevention with detailed explanation of actions in given situation are posted.

By the totality of the measures taken, the territory of the Stankomash Industrial Park can be considered one of the safest in the city.

At the same time, the employees whose job duties could be fulfilled without direct presence at th workplace are working remotely.

All possible measures have been taken to fulfill production obligations on time and without prejudice to human health, to keep the working team regular income and salary levels, to ensure future opportunities for new contracts. Working on strategically important orders, KONAR Industrial Group continues to contribute to the economic development of the Chelyabinsk Region.