In the context of pandemic announced by the World Health Organization, KONAR not only complies with safety and preventive measures, but also encourages foreign partners currently being in the epicenter of coronavirus spreading.  

CEO of KONAR Industrial Group Valery Bondarenko sent letters with words of compassion and encouragement to his foreign business partners.

For more than 10 years, KONAR has been working on localization of advanced foreign technologies in cooperation with companies from Italy, as well as from the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria. Due to adverse epidemiologic situation, the cooperation with foreign partners continues online.

«I share an apprehension due to spreading of the coronavirus in the world and hope for rapid solution of this common problem. Unfortunately, the pandemic has already affected the lives and health of thousands of people around the world. I express my condolences to all those whose nearest and dearest became a victims of the disease. I beg the pandemic to cause the least possible damage on the development, economics and culture, but headline is decrease of virus public spreading as well as world community standing its ground through this test. From my side, I will put all efforts to ensure that agreements reached with KONAR in all fields of endeavor are maintained as well as mutual understanding and reciprocal supportiveness between countries are strengthened», – Valery Bondarenko addressed to the officials and business representatives of Italy, Czech Republic, Japan and other countries. KONAR received letters of reply from all around the world. Italian partners appreciated the support of Russians and sincerely shared their vision of the current situation.

Enzo Papi, President of Termomeccanica Pompe S.p.A. mentioned: «The situation in Italy is truly difficult and can become dramatic. This epidemic has come with unexpected force and our government is facing it with good will, but with little efficiency. Termomeccanica is now securing its financial position in anticipation of possible failures of the Italian banking system».

Daniele Vecchiato, General Director of Vecchiato officine meccaniche S.r.I. (supplier of equipment for facilities of KONAR Group) drew attention to the humanity: «Your letter was of great support for mе, mу family and our closer staff. Once again you gave proof of humanity and empathy. My hope and prayers are that Russia will not bе hit as badly as we did. We are forced to shut down our production facilities. The stop is scheduled to end April 3rd».

Marco Pasini, General Director of BREDA ENERGIA S.p.A. was notedly emotional: «It is with sincere commotion that I receive Your words of care for Us. We have discover on our skin that this world so connected, in business, journey, relationships is also connected in dangerous things that can put in severe difficulties our life. We need moral strength and lucidity, avoiding “easy” solutions that can make us loose the respect to our neighbors, loose our humanity».

Giuliano Radice, General Director of PIETRO CARNAGHI S.p.A. (supplier of equipment for facilities of KONAR Group): «In Italy the emergency started apparently with some weeks of anticipation rather than other Countries. But we are strong and resilient. We are all fighting this enemy that is a global concern. The fair partnership with Konar is really appreciated».