The best graduates of colleges and technical high schools were awarded certificates for employment.

Taras Krokos, Executive Director of KONAR JSC, and Elena Serebryakova, HR Director, took part in the ceremony of awarding diplomas with honours at the South Ural State Technical College. Together with the diplomas, the best students of the South Ural State Technical College were invited to work in the following specialties: installation, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment, process and production automation, foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, welding.

A day earlier, KONAR awarded certificates for employment to 13 more students of another educational institution, the Chelyabinsk Mechanical and Technological High School. The graduates of the Chelyabinsk Mechanical and Technological High School were selected as a result of the final field-specific exam for the qualification of “Operator of machines with a control panel” of the 2nd and 3rd levels, which was attended by the representatives of KONAR. The specialists of the company additionally prepared their own questions for the knowledge exam. As a result, those who passed the knowledge exam well and confirmed their knowledge in practice were selected.

Olga Moshkina, Deputy HR Director of KONAR JSC, took part in a solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas and told about the prospects for employment in the company.

– We offer students real jobs now, – says Olga Moshkina. – We are provided with orders, we have favorable job conditions and high-tech equipment, and wages are 20% higher than the average market wage in Chelyabinsk in the mechanical engineering industry. For ambitious and proactive employees, there is always an opportunity to grow and develop.