The Center of machinery qualifications evaluation, the only one in Chelyabinsk region, created by the joint stock company KONAR, took part in the Russian national pilot project in education field. It consists in integration of procedures of state final and intermediate certification with independent evaluation of qualification of secondary vocational education students.

A gap between training programs in institutions and requirements of labour market has been discussed at various expert forums in a long while. One of the solutions is to carry out qualification in a form of a uniform demo exam according to independent evaluation.  The pilot project of unification of these procedures is implemented by the Center of Qualifications Evaluation of KONAR JSC hosted by examination sites of Chelyabinsk Mechanical and Technological Technical School and South Ural State Technical College. The students of these institutions underwent independent evaluation of qualifications as a turner and a milling machine operator.

Graduates who passed the professional examination successfully got two documents at once: an education certificate and a certificate of a Council in machinery professional qualifications. Moreover, an exception was made for Chelyabinsk students: while passing the independent evaluation, they aspired to the third level of the profession, though according to the standard everyone finishes education with the second level.  Such innovation was proposed by Elena Sokolova, the Head of Service of Professional Competencies Development KONAR JSC, and such proposal was supported by the management of the National Agency for Qualifications Development.

 It was interesting for us to participate in implementation of this project, to evaluate the level of knowledge of students of the institutions with which we have been collaborating for a long time, —Elena Sokolova tells. — The Center of Qualifications Evaluation KONAR JSC is the unique one in the machinery field in our region, we are happy to be not only observers of the process of formation of  qualification evaluation tools – it is important for us to take part in their elaboration.