General Director of KONAR JSC Valery Bondarenko signed a directive to prevent a spreading of coronavirus infection among employees.

KONAR industrial group performs localization of foreign advanced technologies in partnership with companies from Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Austria more than 10 years. Now due to adverse epidemiologic situation, the cooperation with foreign partners is continued online and by videoconferences. From the 28th of February all business trips outside of Russia are stopped temporary within a group of companies.

Russian-Italian joint ventures are functioning in a routine mode, output and acceptance process of localized products in Chelyabinsk does not require to go abroad.

Reception of delegations in the Stankomash industrial park is also limited.

Taking into account a responsibility and risks of virus spreading (COVID-19) to prevent diseases, top management of KONAR industrial group have placed all necessary materials on preventive actions of influenza, ARVI and coronavirus infection at the information boards of production facilities.

— Any employee has an opportunity to consult a doctor and ask a help during business hours, also diagnostic facilities are available. There are a few health posts in the territory, one of them works on a round-the-clock basis, — Chief of Stankomash industrial park Medical Servise Svetlana Alekhina said. It is necessary to pay attention on disease prevention, immune stimulation and complying of basic hygiene rules in public spaces. If every person is responsible fulfilling the recommendation on health care, it will help to prevent spreading of virus and provide production activities of the facilities, performance of services in a trouble-free way.