In anticipation of the commencement of a new hockey season “black and white” together with Chief Coach Peteris Skudra visited Chelyabinsk company KONAR and other plants of Stankomash Industrial Park. Since 2012 KONAR is an official partner of the club.

The tour began at the Museum of Labor and Military Glory, where players were met by veterans of Stankomash plant dressed in branded T-shirts of Traktor. At BVK foundry, the hockey players observed a spectacular process of releasing molten metal from the furnace to the ladle. At joint Russian-Italian plant Konar-Cimolai, the players were clearly shown capabilities of the equipment for thermal cutting of metal. Also, “black and white” visited the workshops of KONAR, Transneft Oil Pumps and Russian Electric Motors.

At the end of the tour, General Director of KONAR Valery Bondarenko made a present to Peteris Skudra of the Traktor logo cut out of metal at Konar-Cimolai plant.

— Everything that you saw today in the territory of the industrial park was created in five years. Mostly young civil workers and engineers, a little older than you, worked on this. Directors and workers of our companies who met you today are also mostly young people, your fans, — Valery Bondarenko said. — We collected the best European, world technologies and equipment, Stankomash became a hallmark of Chelyabinsk in the field of industry. Traktor is a main hallmark of Chelyabinsk, everyone’s favorite hockey club, because you give people bright emotions. We thank you for this; we are looking forward to your victories and, at least, an uncompromising struggle until the last second of each match.

On behalf of the team Chief Coach Peteris Skudra thanked KONAR for invitation to the tour and participation in the club’s life:

It is a very impressive production, especially construction timing. As we were told, each plant was built in less than a year, in fact, in one hockey season. It seems unreal. Passing through the territory, we saw the old buildings of the Soviet plant, in what terrible condition they are. Nearby there are very modern facilities. This was a useful tour for us, useful communication and a lot of interesting information. Probably we will come here to talk with workers in the future, since we understand that our fans work here.

Czech forward Lukas Sedlak admitted that he was really looking forward to this tour:

— I read a lot about plants in Chelyabinsk. But what I saw here really impressed me. I learned a lot of new things and I am glad that I came here. I was mostly impressed by the plant for production of metal structures, where everything is so gigantic that you cannot remain indifferent.

The video material about the visit of Traktor can be viewed at the following link: