A course of English language carries on.

The enterprises of KONAR Industrial Group increase their competences, expand the fleet of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, so more and more employees need to know foreign languages. The task of improving language skills was set by the company’s General Director – Valery Bondarenko.

«KONAR is committed to the comprehensive development of its team’s competencies. At the first stage, we selected the employees, who have the most urgent skills in negotiation, documentation and business correspondence in a foreign language, and organized training for them at the expense of the company,” — says Elena Serebryakova, HR Director of KONAR JSC. “Then we analyzed the needs for production team and formed a new group of trainees.»

At present, KONAR has organized a special English language course for employees working directly in the production and using foreign equipment – setup operators and foremen. Machine manuals and process charts from suppliers are usually written in English. And the people responsible for the operation of the equipment must understand the documentation.

«English language skills are necessary for setup operators to be able to describe the problems arising with the equipment. This is the technical side of the language,» – said Alexandra Grebenshchikova, Head of the Foreign Languages Department of the Professional Qualification Development Service of KONAR JSC. «However, it is ineffective to study the technical terms without knowing the language base. Therefore, the first goal is to ‘get people talking’, to give them a basic level of the language and then the technical terminology. We start with basic common language. Training takes place in machining and assembly workshop No. 34 due to the needs of production team. Employees don’t have to leave their workplaces for long periods of time. The company pays for their training.»