Today the Presidental Plenipotentionary Envoy to the Ural Federal District Nikolay Tsukanov and the alternate governor of Chelyabinsk region Alexey Teksler have visited Stankomash Industrial Park. Valery Bondarenko, the head of KONAR Industrial Group, has given them a tour and told about production plans.

At Russian-Italian joint-venture KONAR-Cimolai the guests were able to see significant projects in which Chelyabinsk plant for manufacturing of large metal structures participated. Great interest was caused by a grand project of NOVATEK company Kola Shipyard, and within this project the center of building of large-capacity marine facilities is being constructed.

Also the project for production of a fully rotatable propulsion unit for ice-rated vessels was presented to the delegation. Recently the first item has been shipped to Yaroslavl shipyard, and the contract for delivery of a new lot has been signed.

The guests have visited such plants as Transneft Oil Pumps and Russian Electric Motors as well as KONAR Research and Development Center that is under construction now. It is to be launched in 2019, a unique laboratory of cryogenic tests will be located there. Each company of Stankomash Industrial Park carries out localization of the best high technologies for exclusion of dependence from import and reduction of technological lag.

– KONAR has a clear understanding of a set of orders, the company fulfills tasks set by the President regarding import substitution and localization. Almost for all products import substitution reached 100%. There are not so many companies that can be proud of it, — Nikolay Tsukanov emphasized.

Following the results of the visit, the Plenipotentionary Envoy noticed that he was pleasantly surprised by the highest level of production culture.

— We will change the principle of cooperation with industrial companies that implement innovations and modern solutions. These are really high-technology productions with modern work areas and respectable salary, — Alexey Teksler said.

— Sometimes business treats authorities according to the principle “if only they do not interfere”. Today I have seen concerned faces of our guests and a lot of attention to production. KONAR company develops constantly, now we are working on several new production projects that are strategic from the point of view of regional authorities. We implemented all former projects by ourselves. Such help and attention give us hope. I am grateful to the Plenipotentionary Envoy and the head of the region for sincere aspiration to support us, — Valery Bondarenko pointed.