German company Linde Engineering has finished the qualification process of approval of KONAR company as a supplier.

Now the companies of KONAR Industrial Group are able to supply valves and pipeline components from the approved list to the company Linde Engineering.

– We have been working with Linde Engineering since 2016, – says Andrey Lapotnikov, a Division manager of Business Development department KONAR JSC. – Priorities of Linde Engineering in the sphere of development of purchases from Russian companies always change. Nevertheless, as of today we have made a strategic decision on development of the local supply chain. In the middle of 2019 we turned back to active discussion of the issue with Linde Engineering and prepared a package of documents for qualification. In December Russian-German committee performed technical audit of our facilities Kornet and KONAR-ORION. Our capabilities have been evaluated positively, especially our unique competencies in cryogenic equipment. Recently we have received an official confirmation that we are an approved supplier for Linde Engineering.

It is expected to cooperate in terms of supply of pipeline valves and components of standard and cryogenic configuration as well as a set of other items for application under critical operating conditions. Now KONAR group is going to receive invitations to purchases on a regular basis.

Linde Engineering is a part of German transnational chemical company Linde AG, which is a well-known leader in the field of production of industrial gases and engineering having branches in many countries. The headquarter is located in Munich (Germany).  Linde Engineering is a leading technological partner for design and construction of oil and gas refineries. It is focused upon such items as units for production of hydrogen and synthesis gas, oxygen, olefins as well as units for natural gas processing.   Having more than 1000 patents for technological processes and more than 4000 completed projects, Linde Engineering is among leading international contractors for design of technological processes, and it takes part in the majority of large-scale construction projects of oil and gas refining industry in Russia.