General Director of the company Valery Bondarenko set a task for improvement of competences in the language of international communication.

160 employees of KONAR Industrial group started the lessons. According to the test results, they were distributed to the courses with the different level of basic knowledge.

The necessity of training appeared because companies of the group strengthen partnership with leading machinery and metallurgical global enterprises, expand their competencies and equipment fleet, become familiar with new markets and go to the international level of communication more often.

– At the first stage we selected the employees who have an urgent need to hold negotiations, documentation and correspondence in the foreign language due to professional necessity, and ordered them to training. The company bears all expenses – this is our contribution into improvement of the team, – says Elena Serebryakova, HR Director KONAR JSC.

The center of development of professional qualifications KONAR JSC created a separate division, purchases educational materials and equipped a class in the main administrative building. Later on thematic modules for each job will be created.

– Our approach is unique because we have arranged a specialized division within the company.  We hired a teacher, not found a temporary teacher for the course. We created a systematic approach to training. Upon successful passing of the final exam and attendance, the employees will get course completion certificates.  In the future we are planning to study other languages, Italian, for instance, – says Elena Sokolova, Head of the professional qualifications development department KONAR JSC.

KONAR employees are taught English by the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of the English language of Chelyabinsk State University Aleksandra Grebenshikova.

— KONAR attracted me by ambitiousness and perspective of tasks. I have never seen such large-scale approach to teaching of employees, – says a manager of foreign languages division KONAR JSC Aleksandra Grebenshikova — I have created a model of corporate training for that, it is already transforming into a certain type of a system which will be formed and adjusted in the process. It is interesting to work on the base of a certain demand of the company management considering needs of every certain group of students – such close contact is a modern educational tendency.

— We have projects with foreign companies, and it would be interesting to hold negotiations by yourself, directly, to communicate with partners without an interpreter. It is great that we have such an opportunity of training within the company, – shares his impressions Valery Mikhailov, manager of division of Business Development department KONAR JSC.