Companies of KONAR Industrial Group produced the pod propulsion system of 2.5 MW for ice-class vessels. Work on establishment of the center of engineering competencies in shipbuilding in Stankomash Industrial Park continues.

In June 2019, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping issued the certificate in which it is noted that the pod propulsion system is serviceable and can be operated on a vessel.

— Specialists of KONAR Group were set a task both to produce the product itself, and also to transfer it successfully to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. This classification society performs technical supervision of production of materials and marine products, — Igor Gusev, Head of Non-Standard Production Management, explained.

All main components of the pod propulsion system were produced in a short period of time at the companies of Stankomash Industrial Park. Controlled assembly and testing of the pod propulsion system were performed at KONAR Research and Development Center, where a special site was established. Total weight of the product is more than 45 tons. The set of two pod propulsion systems will be delivered to Yaroslavl shipyard for an ice-class seagoing tug.

— We faced a serious technological challenge — to assemble and test a new product. This is a joint project within the framework of cooperation with Mehanika-R; this project has a great importance for KONAR Industrial Group. We are expanding competencies in shipbuilding, — Arseniy Dikiy, Director of Business Development of KONAR, said.

It is also worth mentioning that the pod propulsion system was designed in 2017 at Mehanika-R, the shareholders of which include KONAR as well. Specialists have implemented new engineering solutions that have not been used in similar products up to that moment. The project uses the technology of eccentrically cycloidal gearing, as well as the super-powerful hydraulic rotary drive.

Such solutions, according to experts, can maintain reliability, reduce torque, weight and dimensions of the product itself.