As Yaroslavl Shipyard Plant reported, the sea-going tug “Captain Nayden” was floated out yesterday in a working environment. The mechanical pod propulsion systems produced by KONAR Industrial group were installed on the vessel.

Production of 2.5 WM full-rotary pod propulsion system weighing 45 tons was established last year by KONAR Industrial Group. The prototype model was designed by Mekhanika-R and produced at the production facilities of Stankomash Industrial Park in Chelyabinsk. For this purpose, a special assembling and testing area was arranged in Research and Development Center of KONAR. The localization level of the product reached 92%.

The built sea-going tug belongs to Arc4 class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipbuilding. It is intended for towing vessels and facilities in ice and open water; piloting vessels to harborage area and berthing; escorting operations at sea; firefighting at offshore and onshore facilities, firefighting fuel burning in water, as well as hauling-off ships and vessels.

Let us remark that Yaroslavl Shipyard Plant PJSC is currently dealing with serial building of tugs for this project. The first two vessels are on the delivery site in Sevastopol, and three more vessels are on the stock.

The contract between Yaroslavl Shipyard Plant and Mekhanika-R, which is part of KONAR Industrial Group, for supply of the sets of the full-rotary pod propulsion systems for two more vessels was signed in July 2019 in Saint Petersburg at the International Maritime Show.