A group of teachers and students of Chelyabinsk State University and Voralberg University of Applied Sciences (Austria) visited the Industrial park Stankomash.

The guests visited BVK foundry, which is a part of KONAR Industrial group, where Deputy Chief Process Engineer Sergey Savateev gave them a tour. The head of Stankomash museum Nadezhda Tarasenko made them aware of the history of the industrial facility.

— We have a current program of educational collaboration with Voralberg University of Applied Sciences. They come to us once a year and visit interesting places. This year they asked to show foundry, — Olga Veselova, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Economics, Chelyabinsk State University, told — We are here for the first time, we liked it very much and we are very grateful for such a gift – this wonderful tour!  

Peculiarities of Russian-Italian foundry were presented to Austrian students who study international logistics and international business. The students of the Linguistics Faculty of Chelyabinsk State University translated the words of the guides.

—I’ve never been to Russia before, my impressions are strong, I was particularly interested in visiting your plant because I do practical training at the metallurgical plant in Austria, — Bettina Wurzer, a student of Voralberg University, says – There are no such big blanks at our plant, you have a different scale! A huge industrial territory, huge castings that we have seen today impress me a lot! The reality exceeded all my expectations!