The qualification process for the approval of KONAR as a supplier of the Finnish company Wärtsilä has been completed.

KONAR Industrial group has undergone a detailed technical audit, as a result of which it was qualified as a supplier of products to the shipbuilding industry for Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä is a Finnish engineering company that manufactures equipment for the shipbuilding and energy markets, and provides complete solutions for the complete life cycle of equipment. The main products are ship and onshore power plants, ship main diesel engines, mechanical pod propulsion units, electrical conversion equipment, electric propulsion systems

Wärtsilä representatives first got acquainted with the foundry of KONAR Industrial group in September 2020. Then a Wärtsilä representative came to Stankomash Industrial park where the main factories are located. He carried out an audit of the production process from design to product quality control at BVK steel plant and at KONAR JSC. The auditor studied both the “live” processes themselves and the corresponding documentation. After that during two months he was processing the information provided, asked clarifying questions and requested additional supporting documents. Based on the audit, a report was prepared, according to which Wärtsilä made a positive decision on qualifications. KONAR Industrial Group is currently activated as a Wärtsilä supplier, receiving SAP Supplier ID: 243554