Chelyabinsk Mechanical and Technological High School will train personnel for mechanical engineering.

KONAR Industrial Group takes part in the implementation of the Professionalitet project. The partnership agreement was signed by Elena Kouzova, Acting Minister of Education and Science of Chelyabinsk Region, Taras Krokos, Executive Director of KONAR JSC, and Andrey Andryushchenko, Director of Chelyabinsk Mechanical and Technological High School.

An educational and production cluster of the Mechanical Engineering industry was created in the region in 2022. Its purpose is to “reboot” the system of secondary vocational education, develop human resources and create an effective personnel training system for the engineering industry of the Southern Urals, replicate the best mentoring practices in production, as well as improve the material and technical base and production infrastructure of educational institutions.

KONAR is creating an advanced machine engineering holding, so we need talented, competent specialists, the best in their field, – noted Aleksandra Grebenshchikova, Head of Innovative and Educational Environment Development Center of KONAR JSC. – Participation in the project will allow us to train universal workers of a new generation in the most in-demand areas. Individual support for students is expected both in practice and in general during the training process; everything will be adapted to the needs of our facilities and integrated into production as much as possible.

The Professionalitet program involves training in competencies relevant to the mechanical engineering industry: mechanical engineering technology, operator of computer-controlled machines, milling operator of CNC machines, welding. KONAR takes over the supervision of five groups, where in total more than a hundred people will study.

Training under the new program started in September 2023. For students, the first training day began with familiarization with the production facilities of KONAR, and the day before, teachers of Chelyabinsk Mechanical and Technological High School visited the tour.

KONAR is an advanced facility where one can develop in any direction – oil and gas, power engineering, shipbuilding. I entered the Mechanical Engineering Technology specialty, today I became convinced that this is a profession of both the present and the future, – claimed Ivan Klimov, first-year student.

Students are not only tasked to get a diploma, but also to master a certain level of qualification. We are very interested in ensuring that the quality of training fully meets the requirements of modern facilities. Training under the Professionalitet program is an opportunity to immerse in the specifics of the profession, get the knowledge necessary for building a career, and most importantly – a real prospect of employment at one of the leading facilities of Russia, – said Svetlana Galieva, Head of the Group. – We will come to practice at KONAR in the second semester.