Highest figures achieved in fastener manufacture.

Several production records have been set by the divisions of KONAR JSC: The Hot Formers Workshop produced over 4 million pieces of semi-finished nuts, the Nut Tapping Workshop output 4 million pieces of finished nuts, and the Stud Production Site manufactured around 400 thousand studs. KONAR produces critical high-strength fasteners for the oil and gas industry, as well as for metal structures, railway and automobile construction.

– This September, we have reached peak performance in production since the start-up of the equipment. These are unprecedented figures we are seeing, an absolute record for the company,Sergey Kalanov, Head of Shop No. 11 of KONAR JSC, points out. – This achievement is the result of concerted efforts of all departments of the enterprise and high professionalism of its employees, each of whom exceeded expectations in product output. Strategic planning and efficient machine loading became key performance factors.

Compared with the results of 2021-2022, worker productivity at all three workshops mentioned increased by 60%.

– We produce high-strength fasteners that are in demand in various industries – from oil and gas to construction, – said Valery Sachevsky, Head of the Stud Production Site. – Our products are utilized in applications with heavy loads, severe operating conditions and stringent reliability requirements. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, we can manufacture products of impeccable quality which is monitored throughout the manufacturing process. Recently, our product range has been significantly expanded by introducing alloy steel studs into production.

The roadmap for the fastener production units includes ramp-up of production volumes to the maximum available capacities, including an increase in hot forging output to 5 million pieces per month.

Additionally, KONAR is celebrating its 32nd birthday this October. The members of the Industrial Group successfully participate in complex, high-tech projects, produce goods for the oil and gas sector including the LNG industry, as well as for the shipbuilding and energy industries, industrial and civil construction. KONAR has been engaged in the production of fasteners since its establishment in 1991, having the equipment necessary for the manufacture of large batches of high-precision metal products.