The largest X-mas tree on the market was assembled.

The X-mas tree, that was assembled by Kornet specialists, has its unique characteristics. Nominal diameter – 100-150 mm, pressure – 105 MPa. Such a product is manufactured by only a few facilities in Russia, among them is KONAR Industrial Group.

X-mas tree mechanisms are mounted on a wellhead and dedicated for oil well operation by free-flow production method or mechanical method, wellhead sealing, prevention of interwell cross-flow, connection of devices for surveying and conduction of process operation.

– During the last five years Kornet manufacturing facility developed and started serial production of wellhead equipment for oil and gas industry facilities, – said Viktor Dyminsky, Head of Shop No. 1 of Kornet LLC. – We have never done such large components before, but everything went well. This kind of X-mas tree can withstand greater pressure from the inside. If an accident occurs at the station, the structure will withstand the strongest pressure, all connections will withstand, our tests confirm this. The development of a new product has allowed us to significantly extend our product line.


Nowadays there is an increase in the portfolio of projects with difficult-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves which require the development of both production technologies and specialized wellhead equipment, the number of manufacturers of which in Russia is limited, – commented Anton Belousov, Head of the Business Development Department of KONAR JSC.