The company started the second course Fundamentals of Metal Science.

The teacher of the course is Dmitry Polukhin, Executive Director of RDC-KONAR. In 2023, he successfully defended his PhD thesis in metal science and entered the Top-10 best young industrialists according to the results of the All-Russian competition.

The first course of study to improve the qualification of employees in the field of metal science was held last year on the basis of KONAR Center for Development of Professional Qualifications. The course program developed for the pilot group was agreed with the Chief Designer Department for relevance and industrial necessity.

We have no task to make an encyclopedia out of a person, our goal is to teach them to think correctly and search for necessary information in order to obtain competent answers to technical questions posed, – said Dmitry Polukhin.

During the second course, more than twenty employees of the Industrial Group started the study: designers, process engineers, inspectors of the QC departments. All of them need a deeper understanding of what happens to metals in production and during the product life cycle.

We are confident that this program will become a permanent part of the educational system, we plan to identify the best students among two groups after its completion, those who keep up with the company in their development, and hold a more enhanced, advanced course for them, – said Elena Sokolova, HR Director of KONAR JSC.

After completing the theoretical and practical classes and successfully passing the final test, KONAR employees will receive a confirming certificate and a certificate of professional advancement.