Foundry and Forging, Machining Divisions as well as Engineering Sector were presented at the booth.

KONAR Industrial group demonstrates the special equipment that it uses in its activity: the system of 3D laser scanning of parts equipped with the intellectual optical tracking and high resolution cameras, the test bench for cryogenic tests at the operating temperature up to -196°C as well as the demonstration and educational bench that simulates operation of the pumping unit.

This equipment helps to design and test new products including valves for the project related to liquefied natural gas (LNG), to perform complex and service engineering, to examine parts for quality control fast and with accuracy, and to train specialists.

In 2023 KONAR became the support industrial site of South Ural State University for training of foundry engineers, and it enters into strategic partnership with the university for a wide range of aspects, the most significant of which is training of specialists in dynamic machines. For this purpose, KONAR intends to open a classroom with modern equipment in the territory of Stankomash Industrial Park where the students are going to study, and the company personnel is going to improve professional skills. At INNOPROM exhibition the General Director of KONAR JSC Valery Bondarenko is going to sign an official partnership agreement with the Rector of South Ural State University Aleksandr Vagner, in the presence of the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Aleksey Teksler.

Also, at the exhibition KONAR presented the SuperDuplex steel impeller of the fire water pump unit for offshore petroleum structures. Superduplex steel is a material where the natural crystallization order has been changed by special technological practices, therefore, the steel acquires increased strength and corrosion resistance. In 2022, BVK foundry, a member of KONAR Group, was the first one in Russia that learned how to produce complex castings from SuperDuplex steel.

The largest exhibit item was an all-cast fixed-pitch propeller that weighs 2 tons. It is a new type of products of KONAR Industrial Group for shipbuilding. The complete production cycle was implemented in 2023. The unique character of the propeller is explained by innovated technologies. Regularity and accuracy of the item geometry was built in during 3D modelling of the casting.

The equipment installed at BVK is one-of-a-kind among foundries in Russia. It is a modern melting complex with deep refining of melted metal against non-metal inclusions and dissolved gases. Capabilities of the Machining Division of KONAR allow for qualitative machining of the casting and production of such complex products.