The labor collective was congratulated by the partners of the enterprise and representatives of the authorities.

BVK was established in 2013 by KONAR together with the Italian company Cividale S.p.A. This is a production facility that has no analogues in Russia in terms of the quality of cast complex large-sized body blanks and steel ingots.

BVK became the first enterprise of a new generation that appeared on the territory of the former plant Stankomash. Nowadays there is an industrial park with a full cycle of machinery production – from casting of blanks to assembly and testing of complex units.

By its first 10th anniversary, the plant achieved high results. The products manufactured by the enterprise are used in many branches of industrial activity, such as oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, power engineering, mining and metallurgical industry.

– When KONAR started the gate valve project in 2009, I realized that without our own high-class foundry, we would not have a competitive advantage in the market. And our goal is to be the best in everything. And I decided to become a foundry worker, – said Valery Bondarenko, Head of KONAR Industrial Group, addressing the employees. – Thanks to the support of my relatives, a brilliant technological partner and a professional team, we came to success. Today, BVK is on par with the best plants in Russia and the world. Just the other day we sent our development plan till 2048 to the Government of the Russian Federation. I have full confidence in its implementation.

The ceremonial event on the occasion of the company’s anniversary took place in the large conference hall of KONAR. The best employees of the company were honored by the management of KONAR Industrial Group and representatives of the authorities.

Three years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded Chelyabinsk the honorary title City of Labor Valor for the contribution of Chelyabinsk labor collectives to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. But when we see how our modern enterprises are developing, we realize that the concept of Labor Valor is applicable to Chelyabinsk even today, – noted Pavel Ryzhy, Minister of Industry, New Technologies and Natural Resources of Chelyabinsk region, in his welcoming speech. – What BVK has done in 10 years is unbelievable. One can only admire the products that the plant produces. Today our country is on the path of technological sovereignty, as this is the only way to achieve real sovereignty. The contribution of BVK and the entire KONAR Industrial Group to this endeavor is absolutely enormous. There is no doubt that tasks set before the enterprise’s team in accordance with the vector of the country’s development will be fully accomplished.

The BVK employees were also thanked for their contribution to the development of the economy of Chelyabinsk region by: Mikhail Vidgof, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the region, Igor Postnov, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Investments, and Aleksandr Orel, Head of the Administration of Leninsky District.

– The main achievement of BVK for 10 years is that a team of key employees has been formed, whose competencies are growing year by year, – emphasized Danila Pykhov, Director of BVK LLC, Head of Foundry and Forging Division of KONAR. – It is thanks to the work of the team that the company fulfills its obligations. Every year we introduce several steel grades into production, currently there are more than 150 of them. BVK enters the new decade with a portfolio of orders and a development plan for the coming years. I would like to wish our team to keep a high level of achievements, dedication to the joint activity, creative spirit and positive motivation. This is just the beginning!

For reference:
BVK LLC specializes in the production of body castings and ingots for the fuel and energy complex. The enterprise is based on Italian technologies and equipped with equipment of Cividale Group. The main feature of production is electric arc steelmaking complex with ladle refining and degassing. It makes it possible to produce high quality carbon and stainless steel grades. The used technology of casting molds from cold-hardening mixtures allows to produce the most complex large-sized castings weighing from 300 kg to 30 tons from carbon and low-carbon steel grades with carbon content up to 0.02%, as well as high-alloyed, corrosion-resistant heat-resistant and high temperature steel grades of austenitic and martensitic Superduplex classes. The plant’s production capacity is 35000 tons of liquid steel per year.