On the 9th of December 2020 in Moscow KONAR and Stroytransgaz entered a strategic partnership agreement.

The document was signed by General Directors of the companies – Vladimir Lavlentsev and Valery Bondarenko. The aim of this agreement is strengthening and development of collaboration between the companies in all spheres of business of mutual interest.

Stroytransgaz JSC and KONAR JSC united their efforts in order to implement big investment project in the Russian Federation and abroad. Within the nearest 5 years the companies are going to participate together in design, procurement and construction of facilities in the sphere of power energy, infrastructure, industry and oil and gas complex.

Both companies will aspire to the joint usage if its potential in order to increase effectiveness of business and improve competitive positions in the market.

Implementation of the strategic partnership agreement will allow both companies to achieve significant synergetic effect and increase operational effectiveness of business by creating a solid base for further development of mutually beneficial collaboration, also it will help in realization of new forward-looking projects, – says Vladimir Lavlentsev, General Director of Stroytransgaz JSC.

Our plans are to mobilize significant resources in order to improve current technologies and to design new ones, apply innovatory and economically profitable technical solutions.   We analyze and consider tendencies of the field as well as state support for companies that deal with localization of equipment and services in the territory of the Russian Federation. We have great experience for different fields, and we are going to develop it and implement together with our strategic partner – Stroytransgaz company – says General Director of KONAR JSC Valery Bondarenko.

KONAR Industrial group and Stroytransgaz have been collaborating since 2015. The Russian-Italian company JVK-Cimolai from KONAR group participated in construction of the stadium Volgograd-Arena as a subcontractor. Stroytransgaz was a general contractor of construction of the stadium where the games of World Cup FIFA 2018 took place.

For reference

KONAR Industrial group was established in 1991, the main production facilities are located in Chelyabinsk. The group includes a number of enterprises that form a full cycle of machinery production. KONAR has broad competencies in the oil and machine building, including LNG projects, as well as in the shipbuilding and energy industries, the production of complex metal structures, and complex engineering. It has experience in transferring the world’s best technologies for the design and production of equipment, as well as in localizing production in Russia. The enterprises of KONAR Industrial group have a high-tech fleet of their own equipment and participate in the federal import substitution program.

Stroytransgaz JSC (STG) is one of the largest building companies in the territory of Russia and CIS which is the base for creation of the diversified holding implementing infrastructural projects in different fields. The company was established in 1990.

Stroytransgaz JSC in the only company in Russia having the experience of work in 20 countries of the world.

It has permission for works at dangerous, technically complex and unique objects.   

Companies of the Group have fulfilled more than 200 projects in Russia and in the world. Strategic directions of STG activity are related to design, reconstruction and construction of objects for power, oil and gas, oil and petrochemical and other fields, transport and civil infrastructure including sport structures.