KONAR Industrial Group carried out cryogenic tests of pipeline valves

The test result makes it possible to confidently speak about another step towards reducing the import dependence of the Russian Federation in the field of cryogenic equipment.

On the 8th and 9th of February, 2022 KONAR-ORION company in the presence of the customer, Arctic LNG 2 LLC, conducted the first cryogenic tests of equipment that is being localized in Russia. The equipment is intended for Arctic LNG 2, a project of NOVATEK that provides for construction of three LNG production lines with a capacity of 6.6 million tons per year each. The project is based on an innovative construction concept using gravity-base structures.

Tests of an axially symmetric check valve DN400 were carried out by KONAR Industrial Group in Chelyabinsk at a special test bench for pipeline valves for large-capacity natural gas liquefaction plants. The test bench is unique for the Russian Federation and has no equivalents. As a reminder, the Cryogenic testing center, equipped with a modern test bench, was launched by KONAR in August 2019. It was created with the participation of the world leader in the design of cryogenic benches Ventil Test Equipment B.V. (Netherlands). A significant contribution to the project was also made by the technological partner of KONAR, the Italian manufacturer of pipeline valves Orion S.p.A. Thanks to their experience and competencies, the development of a unique cryogenic testing technique took only 1 month.

During the tests, cryogenic pipe valve was cooled in a liquid nitrogen bath down to -196°C. Gaseous helium was supplied to the product, and the valve tightness control was organized using a special leak detector.

After successful testing the equipment will go to the Center for the Construction of Large Offshore Structures, located in Murmansk Region, where the production of natural gas liquefaction lines for the Arctic LNG 2 plant of NOVATEK is currently underway.

Evgeniy Bodrov, Technical Director of KONAR Industrial Group:

The bench allows demonstrating to the customer the operability of the valve before its installation at the site. These days we have tested the first batch. This is necessary to avoid failures during the start-up and operation of cryogenic lines. KONAR has good experience in production of special valves as well as experience in localization of production technologies. Testing is the final stage of manufacturing, confirming the performance of the product in critical conditions. Before installing the equipment at the site, it is necessary to make sure that it is reliable and safe. The bench ensures complete testing safety for personnel and at the same time fully demonstrates the quality of the valve at the temperature -196°C.

Andrey Lapotnikov, Head of Division for Cooperation with EPC Contractors of KONAR JSC:

– We are consistently implementing a strategic partnership agreement with NOVATEK in the field of localization of equipment for LNG plants. Based on long-term plans for the commissioning of LNG plants, it was decided to build a bench with unique test capabilities. The project was launched in the presence of Leonid V. Mikhelson, Chairman of the Management Board of NOVATEK. We make every effort to offer our strategic partner a competitive technological product at the level of Italian manufacturers. Serious work has been done at our facilities to build up competencies in the production of cryogenic equipment, which allowed us to become a supplier for large projects. KONAR confirms its readiness to provide LNG projects with domestic equipment.