The Industrial Group won the contest Changing the World.

Today, on May 26, the awarding of winners of the XX social achievements contest Changing the World was held. Elena Bondarenko, Deputy General Director for Administration, attended the ceremony on behalf of KONAR.

Aleksander Lazarev, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region, while congratulating the winners, thanked them for their selfless work, for their example, they set a moral compass for the society.

“It’s a great merit of every head of enterprise, who funds for charity and patronage. You do it with great love and an open heart, which indicates the generosity of the business community and that you care about the life of Chelyabinsk region”. – Head of regional parliament said.

The Industrial Group KONAR was awarded in the most prestigious nomination, that is the Honorary Benefactor. The experts of the contest noted the company’s active work in the implementation of social projects.

“For KONAR, the concept of social responsibility is not just words, but real deeds. For many years, we have been investing in education, culture, medicine, sports, and ecology of Chelyabinsk region. It’s always specific help and targeted charity projects. We want to change the world for the better, and we do everything from the bottom of our hearts”. – Elena Bondarenko emphasized. – “We are pleased, that our work was appreciated in the Legislative Assembly, and we are not going to stop. To systemize it, KONAR has established a charitable fund Kindness to Kindness just this year. There are a lot of plans, and we know how to implement them”!

The fund Kindness to Kindness was established on the initiative of Valery Bondarenko, Head of KONAR Industrial Group, and his wife Elena Bondarenko. It was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and will continue the activities in the main areas of charity, historically implemented in the company.

Policy of the company, established in 1991, was and remains socially oriented. KONAR takes an active part in improvement and life of the city, region and country. For many years, it provides substantial assistance to medical and educational institutions. It cooperates with schools and lyceums, secondary and higher technical educational institutions. The company pays annual scholarships to young specialists, who are qualifying in professions oriented for the company field.

KONAR takes part in the development of professional and mass sports. Since 2012, the company is a partner of the hockey club Traktor, cooperation agreements have been signed with the Biathlon Federation and the Basketball Federation of Chelyabinsk region. Support is given to athletes representing the region in judo and skating sports.

KONAR is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Chelyabinsk Opera and Ballet Theater named after M.I. Glinka and traditionally acts as a partner of the Chelyabinsk Administration in holding significant cultural and social events.

For the recent years, KONAR has been a partner of the Chelyabinsk Regional Scientific Universal Library in holding an important for the region cultural and educational project – the South Ural Book Fair #RyzhiyFest, takes part in the charity event Nice Guys-Snowmen.

Having chosen the territory of the former machine-tool plant, which went through bankruptcy proceedings and was almost completely destroyed, for implementation of high-tech engineering projects, KONAR permanently supports the veteran organization of Stankomash, restored the museum of labour and military glory, the Wall of Fame and the memorial.

Currently KONAR has the project in progress, that is connected to the improvement of public space – the pond and the surrounding area in Yeniseyskaya street. The pond will be cleaned, and eventually a full-fledged recreation area for the citizens with modern landscape design will appear around it.

For reference

The contest of social achievements Changing the World was established in 2004. It was established by the Legislative Assembly, the government and the Public Chamber of the region. The main goal of the contest is to draw attention to the solution of social problems and to disseminate positive experience of solving them.

In 2020, a new nomination Honorary Benefactor was established, in which companies and enterprises that had won the contest at least three times before are awarded.

In 2010 and 2011, KONAR Industrial Group was awarded in the nominations Support of Health Care and Support of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, and in 2022 – in the nomination Charitable Activity of Commercial Organizations and Self-Employed Entrepreneurs.