The trip was coincided with the Youth Day in Russia.

Young specialists of KONAR Industrial Group made a hike tour along the territory of the Ilmen Nature Reserve and the Yelovoye Lake on the weekends. When choosing a route around Chelyabinsk Region, they decided not to follow the ready-made tourist route, but they created their own travel plan.

I am amazed by our hike! The biggest impression was meeting roe deer that dashed past us in the depths of the woods. During our hike, we saw strawberry fields, we became a little bit tanned, and the most amazing thing was that the fresh air and the beauty of our nature did not left me tired, and I felt great the day after. We will definitely go to conquer the peaks of the Ural Mountains again, – shared her feelings Nadezhda Vysotskaya, Procurement Specialist of KONAR JSC, a member of the Youth Council.

In the span of one day, the team covered a distance of more than 30 km, the participants experienced many positive emotions and demonstrated mutual support, ability to trust each other and quickly solve emerging issues.

First of all, every informal gathering of the Youth Council is like uniting and bringing together people working at the same production site. Such trips strengthen the team spirit and develop common interests, – said Igor Kulenko, Specialist in working with residents of Stankomash Industrial Park and Chairman of the Youth Council.