Modern Forging Technologies, a member of KONAR Industrial Group, is recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as a producer of forgings for marine engineering.

Ilya Gurin, Head of Quality Division of MFT LLC, commented on the receipt of the certificate:

– In compliance with the document, MFT has the right to produce forgings for marine engineering weighing up to 25 tons. The RMRS is a reliable partner for facilities and companies of the industry, and the recognition of our plant as a producer is extremely important for a further work.

We’d like to remind that the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is the world’s leading classification society. The RMRS is recognized by maritime authorities of 68 states. A vast experience in technical supervision, participation in ambitious projects and a research base related, among other things, to Arctic navigation vessels, high-tech ice-breakers, ice-resistant equipment for the development of offshore oil and gas fields, give the RMRS the right to certify industrial products and productions.

The certificate of the RMRS is an important control point that allows MFT to produce products in compliance with various industry standards with quality confirmation for the highest requirements. The next step will be a receipt of a license for the right to produce equipment for nuclear installations and storage facilities.

For reference:
MFT is a unique press complex, where the best European technologies and equipment are concentrated. The plant was commissioned in December 2020. Forgings of MFT LLC with high quality characteristics are used for parts operating in aggressive environments, under high pressure and temperature, under stress in such industries as oil and gas, shipbuilding and power. Today, a main volume of forgings for these industries is imported from the countries of the