KONAR was a partner of the Accreditation. Competence – 2023 Conference.

Employees of the Main Material Science Laboratory of RDC-Konar took part in the IV International Accreditation. Competence – 2023 Conference and acted as speakers.

The conference was organized in Samara with the aim of creating a productive environment for dialogue and solving actual problems of testing laboratories, metrology services and providers of interlaboratory comparison tests. The event gathered more than three thousand participants from nine countries.

The main tasks of the laboratory are to provide reliable results in due time, to maximise the satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations, – said Nadezhda Shumilova, Head of the Main Material Science Laboratory at RDC-Konar LLC. – For us participation in the conference of international level as partners is a big step forward. If earlier we learnt from accreditation experts, this year we have already made presentations ourselves and passed on our experience. We shared our skills and best practices, discussed difficulties in passing the procedure of confirmation of competence. We also spoke about the measures implemented in the laboratory to improve the quality of results while reducing the time from receipt of a sample to issuance of a report to a customer.

The conference provided a unique opportunity for interaction between testing and calibration laboratories, certification agencies and representatives of state authorities, – said Tatyana Khamitova, Deputy Head of the Material Science Laboratory for Quality.

In addition, at the conference, Olga Popova, Senior Quality Engineer of RDC-Konar LLC, was awarded a merit badge and a diploma of a laureate of the Competent Laboratory – 2022 Public Award for achieving high performance results.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Olga Alfredovna’s labour activity, – said Dmitry Polukhin, Executive Director of RDC-Konar LLC. – It is a great achievement to receive an award of this level. We realize that the work on improving the activities and management system for the entire RDC-KONAR LLC carried out in the Main Material Science Laboratory is highly appreciated.

Submitting my candidacy for the Competent Laboratory Award is a recognition of my work at KONAR, – shared Olga Popova. – I am grateful to the company’s management and the conference organizers. I was also pleased with the opportunity to represent the Industrial Group and talk about unique capabilities of our laboratory.