After the tour there was a meeting with the Head of the company Valery Bondarenko.

As part of the visit, Aleksander Vagner, Rector of SUSU, and members of the university delegation visited the production facilities of the Industrial Group: hot formers shop, machining and assembly shops and R&D Center. In addition, the delegation visited the facilities of the Transneft system founded jointly with KONAR JSC.

The tour was led by SUSU graduates who built a successful career at KONAR: Evgeny Bodrov, Technical Director, and Danila Pykhov, Head of the Foundry and Forging Division.

I am grateful for the warm and interesting reception. Among the industrial facilities I visited, I have not met such an approach to organization and such a high technological level in Russia. Therefore, I am very inspired and encouraged by your production, – said Aleksander Vagner.

The tour was followed by the meeting with the Head of KONAR, Valery Bondarenko, who also received an engineering degree at SUSU. He noticed that KONAR Group has complete data on the demand for personnel in every field of the company activity such as foundry and forging production, oil and gas mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, design and manufacturing of complex metal structures, general engineering. Traditionally SUSU graduates will be among young engineers, who will be employed at KONAR this year. In the near future, it is planned to strengthen and expand cooperation between the Industrial Group and the university.

Going further and further into high-tech areas, I understand perfectly well that there will be no success without systematic education for five, ten, fifteen years ahead. That is why we want to establish a systemic nature in our relations with the main technical university of the region, to make a long-term history, – said Valery Bondarenko. – I propose to start with the foundry specialty, because casting is the basis, the foundation, the production of blanks, without which all further work is impossible.

At the end of the meeting Aleksander Vagner presented Valery Bondarenko with the letter of acknowledgment for the development of chess boxing and its infrastructure at South Ural State University. Chess boxing is a new hybrid sport, in which competitions students of SUSU successfully take part at the Russian level. Chess boxing intends that partners box and then sit down at the chessboard. KONAR committed itself to repair the premises for chess boxing for a new academic year.